Sourish Jasti, the Founder/President, is a senior at Holmdel High School and next year will be attending The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Sourish is a strong believer in meliorism (the belief that the world can be made better by human effort), and looks to impact the world through his social impact endeavors. Aside from JCWI, some of his hobbies include managing his blog, CompanyRoots; research; volunteering; and tennis. 







Rahul Kavuru, the Vice-President, is a sophomore at St.Paul’s School. By participating in JCWI, Rahul is trying to help give back to children coming from his own roots in India. Other passions and activities of his are tennis, entrepreneurship, ping pong, math, and coding. 

Amit Krishna Kallakuri, the Editor, is a junior at Holmdel High School. Amit has a strong resolve to impact the world in a positive light by expressing himself on paper. (He is a strong believer that the might of the pen is equivalent to that of the sword, if not stronger.) In joining JCWI, Amit will be exploring our cause on a more detailed level and reviewing different issues regarding water pollution and social impact.

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